Pareza Mobile App

The New-Age Messenger and Wallet App

Pareza Mobile App is a unique social media app that is at the cutting edge of banking and social experiences. Social media is redefining user experiences and lifestyles across the world, and our app integrates social communication together with a digital electronic money transfer platform.

Pareza is at the cutting edge in redefining banking and social experiences. Users can not only chat with friends, send emojis, audio and video and share documents and locations; but can also transfer money through peer-to-peer payment support at the click of a button.

Sending money using the app is as effortless as sending a text!

Bridging the worlds of technology and finance!

ParezaPay is all set to revolutionize payments, and bring the whole world at your fingertips!

Through this unique lifestyle app, users can:

  • Send text messages to individuals and groups
  • Share photos
  • Share audio and video
  • Share documents
  • Send emojis
  • Share live locations
  • Transfer money

Trustworthy app for your banking needs

Take control of all your finances….with just one app!

Manage everything directly in the ParezaPay app

Pay bills , buy airtime  and send money to friends. All in real time.

Get clarity over your money, in ways you’d never expect!

Put an end to end-of-the-month surprises with instant notifications on all transactions and transparent pricing.

Sign up and get your bank account in just 8 minutes!

Put on a pot of coffee, download the app, and sign up. It’s paperless, effortless, and quicker than any other bank account.

With Pareza, we are set to revolutionize payments
in a way that’s super-easy and super-fun!