Pareza Group

About Pareza Group

The Pareza Group Aps is a global Investment and financial technology (fintech) company with the headquarters in The Democratic Republic of Congo and has affiliate offices in the United Kingdom and Zambia.

Pareza creates a unique, upscale, and innovative environment required to provide our clients with an atmosphere that will spawn socialization and secure economical mobile digital transfers.

The company is managed by well qualified and motivated professionals. Coupled with well trained and disciplined staff, our organization guarantees its customers quality and affordable services.

Pareza is the answer to an increasing demand in communications and electronic payments. The public and organisations want access to convenient methods of communication, and access to affordable and secure electronic payment systems.

The fundamental importance of the services Pareza provides, span from powering payments, ensuring financial inclusion to tackling access to powerful tools for billing, inventory management, onboarding clients and marketing for administration, business and individual is precisely why the sector holds long-term appeal for investors.

Pareza owns and develops its own innovative technology and creates specific tools for local markets.