Best in class Finances, Media, Technology Products & Services

Pareza Group

The Pareza Group is a global enterprise that is headquartered in Denmark, and has service offerings that span best-in-class offerings in finances, media and technology products and services. Pareza Group is helmed by highly qualified professionals who have vast experience in each of these sectors and have a collective mission to improve the lives of people in our community and society as a whole.

Our aim is to create a convenient and unique life style among our esteemed clientele.

Our Services

The Pareza Group has offices in the Denmark, United Kingdom, Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia. Notable among the services offered by the group are:

Digital payment systems

Software development

Web development and hosting

Media and communications


Other Financial services


We employ the most advanced global technology platforms and solutions that include:

Artificial Intelligence

Web development

Cloud computing technology

Mobile development

Blockchain technology

Cryptocurrency transactions

Pareza Mobile App

The NewAge Messenger and Wallet App

Pareza Mobile App is a unique social media app that is at the cutting edge of banking and social experiences. Social media is redefining user experiences and lifestyles across the world, and our app integrates social communication together with a digital electronic money transfer platform.

Best in class Finances, Media, Technology Products & Services